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Here Comes The Donug, Your Next Glorious Hangover Cure
It seems that we’re never satisfied with the food items we have at our disposal — and this constant need for something new has led to the emergence of food hybrids and crossovers, like cronuts and cruffins. Among the several delicious hybrids, one savory cross-over food is being praised as the next hangover cure.
‘Donug’, a hybrid of a donut and a chicken nugget, was invented by a Scottish man named Crag Carrick, and has been praised as “the perfect hangover food.” This food hybrid, which Carrick and his wife Rachel Dutton presented on “Shark Tank” in Australia, consists of chicken meat, spices, cornflakes, and panko coating.
The ring-shaped donug is accompanied by three different sauces: dijon bechamel, Japanese curry and mozzarella cheese, and a spicy sauce based on hot peppers. Carrick doesn’t wish to change the world with the donug, but wants to give people something fun and easy to eat; he wants the donugs to be offered at “every sporting ground, every servo, every fish-and-chip shop.