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Here's How Much Martha Stewart Is Really Worth
Martha Stewart’s countless cookbooks, long-running magazine, assorted products, and media endeavors have made her an omnipresent public figure over the decades. But just how big is the fortune that Stewart's considerable business empire has earned her?
While Martha Stewart's earthly possessions are a whopping $400 million, in 1999, Stewart made massive dot-com boom profits with the initial public offering of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. While she had a staggering $1.6 billion following her New York Stock Exchange success, the dot-com bubble would burst and a bunch of her net worth evaporated.
But long before launching her food empire, Martha Stewart was a model, and during her college years, she appeared in ads for brands like Clairol where she made a lucrative earning through her modeling career. Back in the day, Stewart made as much as $50 an hour through her modeling gigs.