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Here's How Subway's B.M.T. Sandwich Got Its Name
Subway’s Italian B.M.T. is a sandwich that has been around since 1975, and its name currently stands for "biggest, meatiest, tastiest," which is something it didn’t initially stand for. Rather, the B.M.T. was named for a component of the New York City subway system known as the BMT.
Before the city unified the subway system, the BMT controlled a component of it, which encompasses the B, J, M, N, Z, and L trains today. Per Delish, the popular sandwich was named after the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit System "to go along with the chain's transportation theme."
Interestingly, Untapped Cities discovered that in 1975, when the B.M.T. was created, there weren't any Subway locations in New York, the home of the sandwich’s namesake. However, they acknowledge there were Subways in nearby Connecticut and Massachusetts at the time.