Shots of Sambuca with a Coffee Bean on the Bar-Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera

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Here's The Difference Between Ouzo And Sambuca
While both of the spirits are made with anise, which is a fragrant seed that lends a distinct licorice-like flavor, ouzo is from Greece and sambuca is from Italy. One of the major distinctions between ouzo and sambuca is when and how you drink each one.
Ouzo is an aperitif, meaning it's often consumed before dinner (although The Takeout says it should always be accompanied by some sort of Greek appetizer or meze platter). The most common way to drink ouzo is mixed with water and simply served over ice.
Sambuca, on the other hand, is a digestif, which means it's consumed after a meal. It can be drunk neat or mixed into water, but it’s commonly served with three coffee beans con la mosca (which translates to "with the fly"), poured into espresso, or placed on the side.