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Here's What A Common Breakfast Looks Like In Iceland

From toast to eggs to parfait, there are endless tasty breakfast food options to help kick-start the day. In Iceland, a country placed deep in the Atlantic Ocean, there is one staple ingredient Icelandic people add to their breakfast meal.

Fish is a key ingredient in Icelandic breakfasts, specifically cod liver oil, the healthiest part of the fish. Known as Lysi, Reykjavik Auto explains that many take a shot of this oil each morning due to its impressive vitamin D and omega-3 content.

Skyr is another favorite breakfast food in Iceland, a thicker and creamier version of yogurt but with more protein. Skyr is typically enjoyed with milk and berries, per Reykjavik Auto, which also notes that blueberries are a popular choice.

Oatmeal is also a popular breakfast known as hafragrautur in Iceland. Common additions to this morning meal are milk and brown sugar, and it's particularly popular due to how filling it is and its high fiber content.