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Here's What Actually Happens When You Eat An Apple Before Bed
Recent studies say that eating apples before bed will help you sleep better, because apples contain the sleep chemical melatonin that your body produces naturally. However, The Sun explains that apples are also acidic, which can lead to acid reflux at night, so it’s best to eat them for breakfast.
Although eating apples may not particularly promote sleep, you’re more likely to sleep better if you're in good shape, thanks to eating apples. According to Healthline, apples help maintain proper Vitamin C levels, are high in fiber and antioxidants, and have a “Low GI carb,” which means their impact on your blood sugar levels is minimal.
Regarding the negative side of eating an apple before bed, Healthline notes that eating just before bed might go against your circadian rhythm, and might increase your risk for obesity or high cholesterol. The outlet also notes that apples haven’t been proven to hurt or help a good night’s sleep, so you’re free to eat one before bed if you want to.