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Here's What Eating Egg Whites Every Day Actually Does To You
Egg whites are high in protein, but don’t contain cholesterol or saturated fat, making them the perfect choice for people on a healthy diet, although they do lack some of the important nutritional aspects of the yolk. Here's what happens to your body if you eat egg whites every day.
Since the entire 211 mg of cholesterol of a whole egg is contained within the yolk, eating exclusively the egg whites saves you from taking in any cholesterol. Egg whites don't contain any of the 5 grams of fat found in eggs either, and contain only 16 of the whole egg's 71 calories.
The 5 of the 6 gm protein of an egg that you get from the whites is the 5% of your daily recommended value of protein, known to curb appetite and leave you feeling full for longer. If you’re a vegetarian and animal protein isn’t an option, egg whites can be helpful in getting you your daily protein fix.
However, although it is a good source of protein, egg whites lack a number of nutrients found in the egg yolk. The yolks contain 8% of the daily value of Vitamin A, 52% of Vitamin B12, 21% of Vitamin D, and 29% of folate, while the white contains only 9% of the daily value of selenium, 1% of vitamin B5, and 6% of vitamin B2.