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Here's What Happened To Atlas Monroe Vegan Fried Chicken After Shark Tank

In recent years, many people have opted for a healthier plant-based diet, and food companies have created a supply of plant-based proteins for these customers. Such as the story of Atlas Monroe founder and CEO Deborah Torres, who started her company after her father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Deborah and her brother Jonathan appeared on Shark Tank in October 2019, intending to buy a facility to fulfill orders for their growing vegan fried chicken business. But after the judges sampled some of the company's famous fried "chicken," the pair ended up declining the Sharks' $1 million offer, stating it was not enough.

According to the Shark Tank Tales update, as of 2021, Atlas Monroe is now on track "to become the largest manufacturer of vegan fried chicken in the world," as it has won multiple awards and accolades. The company is constantly selling out of its goods, has a multi-million dollar facility, and plans to open a second.