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Here's What Happened To Beyond Sushi After Shark Tank

Israeli-American chef Guy Vaknin has a long and impressive resume in the culinary business, opening his first restaurant in 2012 with his wife and business partner, Tali. Vaknin focused on vegetarian recipes and eventually found plant-based sushi, Beyond Sushi.

To help fund this concept, Vaknin went on "Shark Tank" to ask for an impressive $1.5 million investment for a 25% cut of West Coast locations and a 5% cut of the East Coast (via Shark Tank Tales). Lori Greiner and Matt Higgins accepted his offer and agreed to a 30% cut on the West Coast and a 15% cut on the East Coast.

Beyond Sushi has been a success since, and Vakni opened seven more restaurants in Manhattan, including a full-service restaurant on the Upper East Side, and added "impossible" fried chicken and meatballs to its menu. The company also recently started City Roots, a catering business that brings the restaurant's fresh and sustainable cuisine to special events.

Beyond Sushi earned rave reviews on Yelp, most of them bringing attention to the impressive array of vegan-based options available on the menu. Although skeptical of the concept, one reviewer raved that they were left impressed by the "superb" textures and flavors.