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Here's What Happened To Brümachen After Shark Tank

Business partners Ross Smith and Kweku Larbi created Brümachen, the world's first fully portable coffee brewing machine which can plug into a home outlet or car. Larbi developed the concept and design after he needed a hot cup of coffee on construction sites but without any access to any nearby coffee shops.

Larbi collaborated with viral TikTok star Smith, and together they jumpstarted the business on Kickstarter in January 2020. The duo was featured on Season 12 of Shark Tank in early 2021, seeking $1 million for 10% of the business.

Unfortunately, none of the potential investors said yes to the product. The potential investors suggested that the machine needed design improvement, and they were not impressed by the current number of sales.

As of July 2021, the Brümachen brand has had a quiet online presence. Some customers said they never received their machine or it was faulty — leading many to believe the company would never actually get a functioning product made and put out on the mass market.