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Here's What Happened To Define Bottle After Shark Tank
The 15-year-old Carter Kostler appeared on “Shark Tank” to present his product Define Bottle — a water bottle with a compartment for fresh fruits that would infuse into the water. Kostler asked for a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 20% equity stake in the product, but he didn't find backing after it was revealed that his parents took out a $300,000 home mortgage to finance the venture.
Although Kostler didn't secure an investment, the appearance on the show exposed his product to thousands of viewers, which helped Define Bottle make more than $250,000 after the episode aired. He got the bottle into regular inventory at Target and Dick's Sporting Goods, and also paid his parents back for the mortgage.
Kostler’s company was projected to generate $2 million in sales by 2015, but he pulled the plug on Define Bottle in 2016, and now serves in the US Marine Corps. As of 2022, you can still find a handful of Define Bottle products for sale online, but Kostler won't be re-launching the product in the near future.