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Here's What Happened To Fresh Bellies After Shark Tank
In 2019, Saskia Sorrosa came to Shark Tank with her company Fresh Bellies, which aimed to provide organic and nutritious baby food made from fruits and vegetables. Sorrosa sought $275,000 in exchange for a 5% cut, and although none of the Sharks agreed to invest, the company is still alive — and thriving — as of August 2022.
By January 2020, Saskia Sorrosa’s Fresh Bellies was selling its products in more than 9,000 stores, including Walmart and Kroger, and by June 2021, the company’s annual revenue totaled around $6 million. The company now provides food for the entire family, such as puff-like snacks with flavor options including beet, mushroom, carrot, and broccoli.
TV Stuff Reviews praised Fresh Bellies for exploring different nutritional options and promoting family nutrition, but drawbacks include comparatively higher prices and lack of flavor range. However, Sorrosa doesn't seem to be bothered; to create her successful business, the CEO overcame barriers that Latina women often face, such as investors being unwilling to explore diverse markets.