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Here's What Happened To Teaspressa After Shark Tank
Allison DeVane, founder of Arizona-based tea company Teaspressa, appeared on “Shark Tank” in Season 7, asking for $50,000 from the sharks in exchange for a 10% stake. DeVane’s pitch was a bit muddled, and while the sharks enjoyed DeVane's fancy espresso-style tea drinks, they ultimately did not invest in her business.
However, DeVane’s "Shark Tank" appearance helped boost Teaspressa sales online, which allowed her to open her first tea café in Scottsdale, Arizona. DeVane went on to open more shops in Arizona and Michigan, but the COVID-19 pandemic later forced Teaspressa to close all their stores and put plans for new locations on hold.
Luckily, Teaspressa’s online business is still booming; on its website, the brand sells tea, sugar cubes, and even offers a tea subscription service in which tea lovers can receive regular shipments of their favorite blends. It seems the brand is doing well for itself without "Shark Tank," as its annual revenue stands at $1 million as of 2022.