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Here's What Happened To Uprising Bread After Shark Tank
How can someone abstain from gluten and still enjoy delicious bread? This was the question Uprising Bread's owners Kristen and William Schumacher sought to answer when they brought their take on gluten-free, low-carb bread on "Shark Tank." While they left without any of the Sharks lending their financial support was that the end of Uprising Bread?
Although the Schumachers left "Shark Tank" empty-handed, their dream of providing delicious gluten-free and keto breads to the world wasn't curtailed. Today, Uprising Bread is Uprising Food, selling homemade bread cubes and bread chips to hungry crowds across the nation. The keto bread cubes have received glowing reviews, but the pricey cost of $48 for four cubes was also noted.
Alongside its cubed bread, Uprising Food also sells two varieties of chips made from almonds, flax seeds, apple cider vinegar, and egg whites. The response to their new product has been mixed with some calling the chips too expensive and "fried cardboard," while others went on to praise the chips' crunchiness and flavor.