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Here's What Happened To Wake N' Bacon After Shark Tank
In Season 2 of “Shark Tank,” entrepreneur Matty Sallin presented his idea of an alarm clock that doubled as an oven to heat bacon for your breakfast. Sallin named the product Wake N’ Bacon and asked for $40,000 for a 20% stake.
However, the product raised several safety issues, including the liability risk of potentially catching fire, and Sallin had to leave without an investment. It seems that following his departure from “Shark Tank,” his dream of launching the Wake N’ Bacon has crumbled, as there’s no evidence of the product currently being marketed.
As of 2022, Sallin's LinkedIn profile lists him as a full-stack developer for the National Democratic Training Committee, based in Portland, Oregon. Sallin, who claims to have been a production assistant on “Titanic,” has also served as the CEO of a three-person tech startup, worked as a front-end web developer, and was a student software engineer.