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Here's What Happened To Zipz Wine After Shark Tank
In 2014, on Season 6 Episode 11 of Shark Tank, Andrew McMurray’s Zipz Wine secured an investment of $2.5 million for a 10% stake from Kevin O’Leary — the biggest deal ever made at the time of recording. O’Leary thought Zipz Wine would be a huge success if Costco accepted it.
Unfortunately, the product never made it to Costco’s shelves, and while Zipz Wine hit an estimated $2 million in sales after appearing on the show, it failed to generate profits. McMurray then changed his business model to sell his patented packaging to other winemakers, instead.
Just how successful the packaging approach turned out to be for Zipz Wine is unclear, but it appears the business didn't last too long. According to Shark Tank Tales, 2019 marked "the last of Zipz Marketing efforts," and as of 2021, the Zipz website was reportedly dormant.