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Here's What Happens When You Drink Espresso Every Day

When it comes to caffeine, every person is different and different types of coffee affect the body differently. However, studies have already shown that drinking coffee has health benefits as long as it is limited to six cups a day.

Espresso is usually made using hot water and high pressure, which requires more finely ground beans than regular coffee. For most coffee shops, the standard serving of espresso is two shots, but these shots have less caffeine, at approximately 150 milligrams than a regular 16-ounce cup of coffee, at 330 mg (via Huff Post).

Espresso is less acidic than regular coffee. One study showed that espresso and other dark-roasted coffees are less irritating because they contain N-methylpyridium, a compound that inhibits the production of stomach acid and is only produced during the roasting process, which inhibits the production of stomach acid.

When it comes to health benefits, drinking the equivalent of two espressos enhances memory consolidation, improves attention span, and without added sugars and flavors, helps with weight loss. However, drinking multiple cups a day can harm your health.

However, a study conducted by the University of Melbourne showed the participants had aural hallucinations after drinking more than five cups of coffee. Excessive amounts can also increase the risk for osteoporosis, cause liver damage, and raise blood pressure (via Business Insider).