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Here's What NFL Star Patrick Mahomes Eats In A Day
Five Meals A Day
Patrick Mahomes, a renowned athlete, follows a diet of small, frequent meals. He typically consumes four to five meals a day to avoid overeating at once.
His meals consist of veggies and proteins, like salmon or chicken for lunch, and for dinner, he eats carbs like quinoa and sweet potato. He also snacks on fruit during the day.
Mahomes is known for loving ketchup — he even puts it on his Thanksgiving turkey. He has loved the condiment since childhood when he delighted in ketchup sandwiches.
Despite some people finding this obsession odd, he continues to eat ketchup with classic dishes like mac and cheese and steak.
Although he ensures he’s eating an athlete-rich diet, he enjoys the occasional cheat meals, like Chipotle Burrito Bowls, Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuits, chips, and candy.
He loves eating Doritos, especially the purple bag. He also enjoys eating Whataburger, especially since he grew up eating it.