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Here's Why Andrew Zimmern Refuses To Eat Oatmeal
Back in 2017, Zimmern tweeted, "I don't eat walnuts, raw cookie dough, hot oatmeal... yecch. I have eaten durian a lot, trying to give it a chance but I don't care for it.” The tweet left some in the Twitterverse believing that cooked oatmeal may be too mushy for the celebrity chef, or maybe he just needs to try a few simple ways to make oatmeal taste better.
However, recently, Zimmern explained his feelings about oatmeal a little further. During an interview, when quizzed on his dislike for this meal, Zimmern said, "I won't eat oatmeal. What a horrific, awful thing to do to such a glorious thing as an oat. To make a what I call jailhouse partridge out of it, what a horrific thing to do."
Furthermore, he does not only think it's bad for adults to eat, but he also thinks it is a cruel and unusual punishment to feed oatmeal to children. Zimmern said, "What a horrible thing to subject children to, give them gruel for breakfast. I want eggs and a couple [of] pieces of bacon and a glass of orange juice. Turn my oats into cookies with plump raisins."