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Here's Why You Should Always Request An Extra Cup With A McDonald's Burger And Fries
One well-known McDonald's hack is to order unsalted fries so that the McDonald's employees will have to fry a batch fresh. While this is great, it also means the fresh fries lack any seasoning, but thanks to the newest TikTok hack from @hellthyjunkfood, customers can now get fries that are both fresh and salty.
The key is to first order fries with no salt, and then politely ask for an extra cup and extra salt packets. Instead of trying to pour salt over the fries in the tiny fry cup, simply sprinkle the salt into the cup and then add the fries to create a perfect shaker that can evenly disperse the salt on every hot, crispy fry.
Commenters were quick to share their opinions, and some didn't appreciate the extra step, like one person who wrote, "I usually love your vids but Ain't nobody got time for this and it wastes a cup, just go when it's busy or deal." Customers will have to try the hack for themselves to decide if it’s worth the effort.