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Here's Why You Should Be Drinking Coffee From Aldi

A coffee-addicted couple made some Aldi German Roasted Regular Ground Coffee in a moment of pure desperation and the result, as reported in The Kitchn, was mindblowing. Similar stories filled Reddit, with user playback0wnz saying, "I'll never buy Starbucks beans again!"

Coffee lovers will find Aldi’s coffee cheaper than other brands but of high quality. Their Fair Trade whole beans cost $4.99 (via Aldi Reviewer), while the ground coffee options, which range from flavored to light and medium to a robust, dark roast, cost $4 per 12 ounces (per Pure Wow).

Keurig users can try Aldi's SimplyNature Organic, which costs half the price of Starbucks’ cups (via I Got It At Aldi). Aldi also has its own coffee, espresso, and milk pods designed for its high-end espresso-making contraption Expressi, which costs $149, half the price of Nespresso, and is "barista quality," per Yahoo! Finance.