Hong Kong-style French toast topped with a pat of butter and condensed milk drizzle.


Hong Kong-Style French Toast Is So Tasty, We'd Get Up Early To Cook It

Hong Kong-style French toast is a unique, layered, stuffed twist on the original. It's a popular street food in Hong Kong, but you can also make it in your own kitchen.

Making Hong Kong-style French toast is similar to making "regular" French toast. Though milk bread is most common, you can use white bread or brioche.

Before frying, spread your filling — peanut butter, jam, or Nutella — in a thin layer (around a tablespoon) on three slices of bread, alternating layers of bread and filling.

Cut off the crusts and dunk the triple-layered sandwich in whisked eggs or a custard flavored with cinnamon, sugar, and condensed milk, evenly coating each side.

If you don’t have a deep fryer, you can shallow fry the toast in an inch of neutral oil. Ensure each side gets some time directly on the pan, and baste the top with hot oil.

Once everything is crispy and golden, you can plate your Hong Kong-style French toast, top it with a pat of butter and sweetened condensed milk or honey, and dig in.