MADRID, SPAIN - OCTOBER 2021: Starbucks Coffee on October 26, 2021 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Cristina Arias/Cover/Getty Images)

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How A Starbucks Manager Reportedly Handled A 'Horror Story' Customer
A lot of Starbucks customers prefer customizing their orders. While extreme customization may already be a pesky problem, to make it worse, some of these patrons behave poorly enough to get the managers involved, or even get banned from Starbucks for throwing a temper tantrum.
According to a Reddit thread started by a Starbucks employee, one such patron repeatedly orders a customization that includes 24 pumps of vanilla syrup, half an inch of heavy cream, and a double blend. This customer also usually returns the Starbucks drink, insisting that it's "wrong" and demanding it is remade.
The customer also has a track record of "banging on windows after close, shining high beams into the store at night after not allowing them in, dumping a drink down a partner's shirt, (and) blatant homophobia." However, fortunately, this particular Starbucks location has a new manager who isn't having any of this customer's antics.
In a second Reddit thread, the employee says the customer is "to be informed that we are so very sorry that we could not meet their standards, maybe they should find a new store." Sounds about right, right?