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How A Waffle Iron Can Make Falafel Healthier
One of the best ways of cutting back on the excess fat, oil, and calories that come along with eating deep-fried falafel is to cook it in a waffle iron, instead. You can easily make falafel waffles with the usual ingredients for a nutritious, flavorsome, and, most importantly, oil-free meal.
Mix chickpeas, garlic, egg, onion, and seasoning in a food processor, preheat the waffle iron, and brush the grids with olive oil. Put the falafel balls onto the iron to make small patties, or pour the entire dough to make waffle-shaped falafel, and cook until evenly browned — about six to eight minutes.
If you don't want to end up with a sticky falafel dough, do not raise the lid before four minutes. You can also make falafel in an air fryer, or bake falafel — make sure not to use canned chickpeas as they have far too much moisture content. Serve your falafel with tahini sauce for a delicious meal.