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How Alec Baldwin Ties Into The Strange Bad Vegan Story

In Netflix's new true-crime docuseries "Bad Vegan: Frame. Fraud. Fugitives," vegan queen Sarma Melngailis and Vanity Fair's Allen Salkin confirm that Alec Baldwin did in fact first meet his wife, Hilaria, at Melngailis’ restaurant, Pure Food and Wine. However, according to Salkin, Hilaria wasn’t the only woman he was crushing on at the restaurant.

In the four-part series, Melngailis says that after she met Alec Baldwin at the restaurant, they exchanged several emails and phone calls. She says that she turned down Baldwin’s advances, but later in the first episode, she admits to having some regrets for not taking things further.

Baldwin also had a connection with Melngailis’ infamous beau Anthony Strangis, as a conversation between the two is what apparently led Melngailis to first notice Strangis, and Baldwin and Strangis also shared a real estate agent. Even Hilaria Baldwin was part of the odd Twitter exchanges, but the real nature of the connection between Baldwin and Strangis still remains unclear.

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