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How Bobby Flay Feels About The Gas Vs. Charcoal Grilling Debate
According to his Food Network profile, celebrity chef Bobby Flay has already weighed in on the simple question of whether charcoal or gas grills are better. "I actually have both, but you know purists would always say charcoal," he explained.
Flay has previously admitted that he believes "charcoal is better," and the "more pronounced grill flavor" is why purists reach for the briquettes. The high cooking temperatures of charcoal grills can make any food drippings produce smoke, which flavors the food — and a charcoal grill can also be more cost-effective than a gas one.
BBQ Guys note, "Charcoal affords the most versatility of any fuel type and delivers amazing flavor." Many cooks appreciate that a charcoal grill, with its versatility, ensures that it’s used and does not sit covered until the next warm day or season, and also offers the most flavorful food on your plate.