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How Cracker Barrel Just Got Dragged Into Another Controversy

Cracker Barrel seems to have found itself in yet another controversy due to its name. Over the past couple of years, the restaurant chain has received negative attention with an ongoing rumor claiming that "Cracker Barrel" relates to racist white nationalists.

The recent arrest of 31 white nationalists hiding in a U-Haul sparked up conversations all over social media, and a Twitter user wrote, "What do you call a U-Haul filled with white supremacists? A cracker barrel!" The pun, of course, comes from the term "cracker," which is slang for a white supremacist, and the fact that a group of them were found crammed in a tin "barrel."
Since the arrest occurred, Twitter has been lit up with the hashtag #CrackerBarrel as a way to discuss it. Cracker Barrel has not released any statement on the issue, but whether the tweet was meant to be a joke or just trolling, it raised the restaurant chain’s past controversies that continue to haunt its unfortunate name association.