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How Domino's Accidentally Gave Away 11,000 Free Pizzas
Per The Washington Examiner, back in 2009, Domino's had planned a promotion where customers could order online and use the code "BAILOUT" to get a free medium pizza. Even though the promotion was never actually greenlit, Domino’s had already begun the advertising.
While the promotion wasn’t officially running, the code was still activated when a curious customer decided to see if the code worked, and it did. Word soon spread about the “promotion” to the point that one Domino’s store owner claimed he gave out 6,000 free pizzas across his 14 stores in Cincinnati.
It was only after 11,000 pizzas were ordered that Domino’s finally shut down the code, preventing any more freebies from being claimed. And although no one else received any more free pizza, Domino's later offered another coupon code for a free order of Cinnastixs.