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How 'Downright Incredible' Cookies Are Reminding Aldi Shoppers Of Cheaper Times
In a world of higher prices, it's even more refreshing than usual to find a great deal. One Reddit poster has discovered a steal at Aldi that's reminding fellow users of better — and more affordable — times, sharing, "These are some of the best store bought cookies I've ever had and they're a whopping $1.49. Downright incredible."
The Aldi cookies in question are Benton's brand peanut butter fudge cookies in a 9.5-ounce package. Replying to the original Reddit post showing the product for a current cost of $1.49, Redditor u/questionmarquee shared, "So addictive I can't have them in the house unless I can eat the entire thing in a day."
Aldi Reviewer describes it as a "Regular Buy," meaning the cookies are stocked all the time, and likens them to "imitation Tagalongs or Peanut Butter Patties" that mimic Girl Scout cookies. The package contains 18 cookies, which have a crunchy chocolate base with a peanut butter filling and are coated in an outer layer of chocolatey fudge — but they do have a number of allergens.
Despite the low price, Redditors noticed that this package has gone through a price increase too, with u/galvind saying, "It seems like last week they were $.99. Sigh...." However, one savvy Redditor noted, "Honestly they're well worth it even at the current price IMO, especially when you figure the big brand names (like Oreo, Keebler, Chips Ahoy, etc) are triple that, if not more."