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How Long Smoked Salmon Really Lasts, According To Michael Symon
Food Network chef Michael Symon recently took to Twitter to answer a user's concerns about how long smoked salmon can stay good in contrast to fresh salmon, and also shared some related recipes with his followers. Symon says that salmon can last three to four times longer when cured or smoked first.
Symon's advice checks out with USDA guidelines that say vacuum-packaged smoked salmon can be kept for three to eight weeks, but once opened, you should use your smoked salmon within a week. A recipe Symon shared to help cooks use up their salmon in time is his smoked salmon and sour cream sauce.
The easy recipe calls for cooking onions with olive oil, creme fraiche, and dill; then, apply the sauce to pasta, bread, or a bagel and garnish with smoked salmon. As one final smoked salmon safety tip, Symon tweeted, "Always check first... the nose rarely lies," likely referring to the off smell of fish when it's past its prime.