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How Much Of Cracker Barrel's Food Is Microwaved?
While Cracker Barrel calls itself an old-fashioned country store, it does use modern amenities. A former employee revealed on Reddit that the Cracker Barrel doesn’t use the microwave too much — except to quickly heat up potatoes in case they’re running low on baked potatoes.
However, not all of Cracker Barrel’s food is cooked fresh, and the Redditor says that certain items are delivered pre-cooked or frozen — like a “big bucket of precooked boiled eggs.” The user explains that most things, though, are cooked by line cooks, often using an actual oven.
Yet, some customers asserted that Cracker Barrel does microwave food, at least in certain locations — a user on TripAdvisor claimed that his meal came “right from the microwave to his table.” Despite that, rest assured that the Cracker Barrel biscuits are still made in-store every day.