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How Panda Express Just Upgraded Its Orange Chicken Sandwich
If you're ever talking about Panda Express, there's a good chance the chain's signature orange chicken will come up at some point. The restaurant put a twist on the classic dish and released their popular orange chicken sandwich in 2021, and almost exactly a year later, the sandwich is getting a makeover with some exciting new additions.
The original sandwich featured a crispy chicken patty topped with shredded cabbage, bread and butter pickles, spicy aioli, and the namesake orange glaze, nestled in a King's Hawaiian bun. The new sandwich gets rid of the cabbage, replaces the bun and aioli with brioche and Sriracha mayo respectively, and coats the entire chicken patty in orange glaze.
The extra orange sauce should make it easier for customers to get that orange chicken flavor in every bite. However, as of September 2022, the upgraded sandwich is available exclusively at the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen in California, so it might be a while before customers nationwide get to sink their teeth into these bad boys.