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How Rich Is The P.F. Chang's CEO And What's The Average Pay Of Its Employees?
Wall Mine notes that P.F. Chang’s previous CEO Richard Federico is worth about $4.64 million, despite earning a salary of $130,000 when he had the job. However, the average P.F. Chang’s employee makes a lot less — the average salary of a dishwasher is $16,000, while a food runner makes $30,000, and the average hourly rate of $11.30 is on par with similar restaurant chains.
In 2019, the chain appointed a new CEO, Damola Adamolekun. Although little is known about his pay, Adamolekun has an Ivy League education, an investment banking background, and also served on the Board of Directors for International Tower Hill Mines — a resume that means his compensation package can’t be too shabby.
“It's a good place to work if you're looking for a second job or you're in school full time,” one current employee wrote on Indeed. Others have added that employees often get free or at least discounted meals, which can be considered an additional perk of working at P.F. Chang's.