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How The Food World Celebrated Aaron Judge's Historic Home Run

When New York Yankee Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run of the season on September 28, 2022, he tied with Roger Maris for the all-time home run total in a single season in the MLB’s American League. Judge’s history-making achievement not only thrilled the baseball world but also prompted popular food brands to celebrate his feat.

Shortly after Judge’s 61st home run, Pepsi tweeted, "We'll toast to that home run." Minutes later, Snickers tweeted, "someone get this man a snickers ASAP," but the candy may have been meant for the fan shown in the attached video clip who tried, but failed, to catch the home run ball, thereby losing out on the chance to make a fortune on eBay.

However, neither Pepsi nor Snickers should expect to recruit Judge as a product spokesman since he is more into healthy eating. Judge reportedly preps for games by blending a mix of fruit, almond butter, and greens — meaning Jamba Juice or Smoothie King may have better luck signing the new home run hero.