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How To Eat Eggs If You Want A Suspiciously Long Life
We all know that what we eat greatly affects our health — too much junk food might cut your life short, while plenty of fruits and veggies might do the opposite. Some people eat whatever they want and live long, healthy lives, while others stick to a strict diet. So, is there a single dish that will increase one’s life span?
Chef Michael Symon noted on Twitter that his grandfather lived to almost 103 by eating eggs on toast with goose fat every morning. According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, eggs offer plenty of protein and essential vitamins, and the bad cholesterol of eggs isn’t a worry if you only eat one egg per day.
Despite the health benefits of eggs and goose fat, there isn’t any legitimate science behind the youth-giving properties of these foods. However, scientists agree that areas with large, healthy elderly populations, or “blue zones,” have diets rich in vegetables, lean proteins, fresh dairy, and whole grains to thank for impressive longevity rates.