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How To Enhance Store-Bought BBQ Sauce, According To Bobby Flay
Bobby Flay, a guru in the realm of grilling, has recently revealed his method for amplifying store-bought barbecue sauce in a video clip tweeted by Food Network. In the video, he recommended starting with a high-quality sauce and sticking to a traditional variety with a tomato base.
Flay brings the sauce to a simmer and reveals that a perfect semi-homemade sauce needs three ingredients to ramp up the flavor. The first thing he adds is a common ingredient in most bbq sauces i.e. Worcestershire sauce — a few splashes of which will bring out the "umami" flavor.
He then adds chipotle pepper puree to enhance the sauce with a smokey element and give the impression of a smoked sauce. Finally, Flay adds lime juice (vinegar will work too), as an acidic ingredient is necessary to balance out the flavor — and then simmers the sauce for 10-15 minutes.