Fried egg in pan on cutting board

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How To Flip Over Easy Eggs For Flawless Results Every Time
Making the perfect over-easy egg can be complicated, as flipping it too soon can make a complete mess, while waiting too long can cause the yolk to be overcooked.
To know when to flip your eggs, put the timer aside just wait until almost all of the raw, clear egg whites have turned opaque with just a small bit of unset egg whites around the yolk.
Before you flip, make sure the yolk stays intact and keep it from toppling right off the top of your egg white base by ensuring the yolk is right near the center of your spatula.
Don’t disturb your egg for a few seconds after flipping it to let a seal or crust form over the yolk. Alton Brown suggests slowly counting to 10 after flipping your egg.
Finally, unless you're a pro, stick to flipping one egg at a time. If your egg whites merge in the cooking process, gently cut and separate them with the edge of your spatula.