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How To Get Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza Before Its Official Comeback

September 2020 was a dark time for many Taco Bell fans, as the chain announced that it would be retiring the fan favorite Mexican pizza. However, Bellheads can now rejoice, as the item will be back on May 19, and some will get it sooner than that.

According to the Taco Bell website, customers who have already signed up for its rewards program will be able to get their hands on the returning star of the menu from select Taco Bell restaurants on May 17 and 18. Members can call their local Taco Bell to check and place either an in-store or drive-thru order through the chain's app.

For those who are not yet a member of Taco Bell's rewards program, simply head to the Taco Bell website or download the app, and get the most coveted menu item early.