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How To Make Perfect Chicken Wings, According To A McCormick Chef

Chicken wings are an absolute treat, especially for game days like Super Bowl Sunday. In a Mashed exclusive interview, top McCormick chef and hardcore wings fan Kevan Vetter shared his expertise on making the perfect chicken wings.

According to Vetter, there are several methods for making wings, and frying them makes the perfect sports-bar style wings. Deep frying is the best way to go, but an air fryer would also give the same crisp without the added cholesterol.

Another option is baking them at 450 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes. Putting the wings on the baking rack will help circulate the heat all the way around the wings, but if a sheet pan is preferred, place the wings on the bottom rack.

When it comes to making the perfect chicken wings, the flavors are just as important as cooking. Seasoning your wings beforehand is never a bad idea, and a little salt and pepper will do. Toss the wings directly into the sauce after taking them out for the perfect finish.

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