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How To Shop At Costco If You're Single, According To Reddit
Costco offers yearly memberships at $60 per year and it comes with two membership cards, "for you and someone in your household”, per Costco. However, experts cannot agree whether Costco memberships are a good deal for single shoppers or live in one-person households.
While some have argued that bulk-proportioned items or products like spinach and olive oil will spoil before one person can go through them, Reddit once again has a solution. A Reddit thread offers advice on individual items that single shoppers consider worth the price of membership on multiple products.
These products range from pet medications, gas, shelf-stable milk alternatives, clothing, bottled water and canned seltzer water, paper goods, soap, and laundry detergent to frozen chicken breasts, muffins, dried fruit, pizza and spices. Redditors offered other "hacks" like buying an additional chest freezer and using vacuum seal food storage.