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If You Ever Hear Someone In Aldi Caw Like A Bird, Join In
Aldi's devoted fanbase plays a crucial role in the chain’s fun atmosphere as, in addition to countless social media accounts sharing new Aldi products and finds, shoppers also find time in their day to take part in some good old-fashioned silliness. And by that, we mean squawking like a crow in the aisles.
Per Aisle of Shame, a Facebook group "dedicated to all the best Aldi Finds for Aldi fans," this particular activity may have started in 2020 when the group’s members suggested they create a way to identify one another in the stores. Crows make a "caw" sound to find each other, so AOS members decided on cawing.
Not only is cawing a fun way to identify other Aldi fans, it's also a hilarious way to shake up your grocery routine; funnier still, people's bird noises don't always sound like birds, which can lead to even more antics. So, the next time you find something to squawk about at Aldi, let out a "caw" to let your fellow shoppers know.