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If You Received This Email Claiming To Be From Costco, It’s A Scam
Scam messages that are disguised as coming from a trusted source are called phishing emails, and cybercriminals use them to trick people into providing their personal information. In February of 2022, scammers targeted Costco members with these fraudulent messages.
According to Snopes, an online fact-checking and investigative publication, the scam emails appear to be from Costco, and tell recipients that they have been selected for an exclusive reward. Clicking the link takes victims to a survey where they must enter their information to receive a $100 gift card.
Per Costco’s customer service portal, all official communications from the company will have addresses ending with “,” and that emails without it, or those containing typos, are likely scams — the only exception is gift cards, which are sent from If you think you’ve received a phishing email, it’s best to report and delete it.