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In-N-Out’s ‘Then And Now’ Post Is Capturing Instagram’s Heart
With their excellent customer service, a great sense of community, and, not to mention, delicious burgers, there’s a lot to love about In-N-Out, and people on Instagram seem to agree. The burger chain recently posted a “then and now” photo collage that has both loyal fans and the uninitiated applauding the restaurant.
The Instagram post features a side-by-side collage of an old photo of an In-N-Out employee hand peeling potatoes next to a photo of a current-day employee manually pressing potatoes through the company’s iconic fry cutting machine. The caption reads “Providing only the freshest, highest quality ingredients has always been our motto…”
While the photos may compare the technology of the times, they truly show off the commitment to quality that’s at the heart of what In-N-Out is about. In the comments, fans shared their own In-N-Out stories, with one commenting, “Love you since my high school years in Upland, 1975,” while another wrote “And that’s why In-N-Out is like no other! I’m east coast now, and I sooo miss it.”