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Ina Garten Remembers The Worst Party She Ever Hosted

For Ina Garten, the most important part about cooking is sharing the food you make with others. The celebrity chef loves hosting dinner parties, but that doesn’t mean every party she has hosted was a winner.

In an interview, the "Barefoot Contessa" host revealed that while living in North Carolina, she and her husband invited 20 guests over, and she prepared each guest their own omelet. "I knew immediately what I had done wrong. A party isn't about food; it's about people," she shared. "I spent all my time in the kitchen, and from the living room — no talking, no laughter!"

In addition, Garten says hosting more than 12 people is just "too exhausting." On the "Today" show, the host of the unique new series "Be My Guest" shared that bigger does not mean better; a dinner party can involve just four people.