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Ina Garten's Delicious Pancakes Come Straight From The Oven
Celebrity chef and author Ina Garten never skimps on breakfast, the day's most important meal. She uses a simple method to make pancakes served fresh out of the oven.
Garten uses a Kitchen-Aid mixer to make the batter. She then divides it evenly into pre-heated gratin dishes with a healthy amount of butter to prevent sticking.
The Barefoot Contessa bakes them for about 15 minutes. The taste contributes to 5-star reviews, and the pancakes' aesthetic appeal makes it fun to eat right out of the dish.
Not only does the taste contribute to the 5-star review, but the pancakes’ aesthetic appeal makes it fun to eat. A reviewer on Food Network wrote, “Excellent recipe.”
Similar to a Dutch Baby, the puffed-up outer edge of oven-baked pancakes gets slightly crispy due to the wide opening of the gratin dishes.
The middle of the pancakes settles once they’re out of the oven, creating the perfect pocket for toppings. Garten adds berries and granulated sugar to the middle pocket.