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Instagram Has High Hopes For Crumbl Cookies' Latest Creation

It's all about breakfast this week at Crumbl Cookies. The cookie chain's featured flavors for September 5-10 include the returning iced oatmeal and Fruity Pebbles cookies, as well as the new Everything Bagel cookie (which is a bit controversial, as you might guess) and the chain's first-ever square cookie, modeled after a classic breakfast treat.

Crumbl says that their new French toast cookie is "just like grandpa makes," and consists of a "buttery, fluffy cookie topped with cinnamon egg wash, buttercream, a sweet syrup drizzle, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar." This tasty-looking cookie is even served warm, and commenters on Crumbl's Instagram are already offering their thoughts.

One commenter wrote, "Literally was just eating this and was laughing the entire time because it was so good," while another fan called the French toast cookie "the BEST flavor this week." Many fans agree that the cookie does taste just like French toast, and one eater described it as "so fluffy and light," while another was a huge fan of the buttercream topping.