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Instagram Is Pumped For Crumbl Cookies' New Milk-Inspired Flavor
Crumbl Cookies serves a new batch of sweet treats every Monday, available only for seven days till the new rotation arrives. In 2022, to commemorate its fifth anniversary of the 2017 debut, the chain took to Instagram on Sunday, September 18, 2022, to announce its birthday week flavor collection, featuring a new, milk-inspired cookie, and the fans can’t wait.
The Instagram post announced that the lineup for the week features the returning Cake Batter, Peanut Butter Munch, and Dark Dream flavors, also joined by milk chocolate chip and recently re-released sugar cookies, which are available weekly. Moreover, to celebrate its five-year anniversary, the brand introduced the Strawberry Milk flavor.
The Strawberry Milk cookie is loaded with "silky strawberry mousse and sprinkled with a delicious strawberry streusel.” Crumbl fanatics on Instagram raved over the treat, and one commenter exclaimed, “PINK MILK my childhood.” The chain’s website describes the Strawberry Milk as a “strawberry lover’s delight,” and even a chocolate-loving Redditor commented, “Strawberry milk was my favorite.”