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Instagram Loves Sunny Anderson's Reaction To Seeing Herself In Jeans

If you happened to be following Sunny Anderson's social media activity in June 2021, you may have noticed a colorful post about her #operationgetinthosejeans journey. “My goal isn't to look hungry, I don't care about pounds,” Anderson said, insisting instead that she just cared about fitting into her jeans.

Anderson stayed true to her word and shared posts with her followers about the healthy changes she made to get to the goal, like eating fruit for breakfast and sneaking lettuce into her cheeseburger. Her posts definitely showed her commitment to ensuring she would not have to go shopping for new jeans.

"The Kitchen" co-host's discipline has paid off, as she posted a video of herself on the show wearing jeans, with the caption "IF YOU CAN'T CHEER FOR YASELF, WHO WILL?” Friends and fans celebrated her achievement, with fellow food enthusiasts Chef Claudia and Brandi Milloy-Simon giving words of encouragement.