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International Dishes You Can Enjoy Without A Passport
Poutine is a dish from Quebec, Canada, that consists of French fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy, and is best enjoyed fresh. Making this dish is easy; the hardest part is hunting down the poutine gravy mix — which recipe developer Kristen Carli has a recommendation for.
For "soft, buttery, and cake-like" Norwegian waffles, recipe developer Susan Olayinka uses yogurt instead of the traditional sour cream. Norwegian waffles are usually topped with strawberry jam and sour cream, but whipped cream and berries or maple syrup work too.
Pork Souvlaki
Follow recipe developer Ting Dalton’s directions on how to marinade, assemble, and cook traditional Greek pork souvlaki, with prep and cook times adding up to only a half an hour. Dalton recommends serving your souvlaki with some pita bread and plenty of tzatziki sauce.
Beef Donburi
Beef Donburi is a Japanese dish of cooked rice topped with veggies, beef, and a cooked egg. Recipe developer Eric Ngo shows you how to make this dish using traditional ingredients — along with alternatives — taking just 30 minutes to prep and cook, and yielding two servings.
Pico De Gallo
In this quick Guatemalan pico de gallo recipe, recipe developer Maren Epstein suggests using the freshest tomatoes you can find in your home garden, or at the farmer’s market. Add a little spice and flavor to your pico de gallo with a secret ingredient — taco seasoning.