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Is Drinking Alcohol Really Good For Your Heart?

For a long time, doctors thought a few drinks every now and then was acceptable and that moderate drinking might even be good for your health. However, a study published by Jama Network challenges that theory and questions whether alcohol is good for you at all.

According to the UK study, any type of drinking — whether low, moderate, or heavy — increases the risk of heart disease. Light drinkers had less than 8.4 units of alcohol per week, moderate drinkers had between 8.4 to 15.4 units, and heavy drinkers had 15.4 to 24.5 units.

While some research shows that moderate drinkers have strong hearts, researchers say that it has less to do with alcohol and more to do with leading healthy lifestyles. Low to moderate drinkers tend to exercise more, eat better, and weigh less than those that drink heavily.